Simplified File Processing

Simple is the name of the game. No more bloated, complicated systems for you to try to navigate. Velvet Elves simple one-click-to-anywhere design makes it easy to get started and easy to move your transaction along. You keep selling, leave the file-pushing to your “Elf”.

We’re not going to lie, we feel like most systems for real estate agents are painful to figure out. They have so many options – too many. You have to hire someone to go to class to learn how to use the tool that was supposed to be saving you money! We have one agent friend that spent a year, yes, A YEAR!, setting up his CRM to make it work for his business. We don’t know about you, but we when we’re busy selling, we don’t have a year to spend figuring out and configuring a tool that is supposed to make life simpler. So we asked, can we build a system that lets agents hit the ground running, without bogging them down with things they will probably never, ever, use? That’s what VE is! It’s focused on one thing and one thing only – getting transactions to the closing table on time, with happy, informed clients who will want to share with their friends their fantastic experience. To us, that is a system worth using.