Real Estate Transactions

Daily Email Updates

The daily email update adventure continues! The development team is working hard to make sure these are everything you need them to be – complete updates with everything you need to work on when you need to work your transactions, and no unnecessary emails when you don’t. We aren’t quite there yet. We appreciate everyone Daily Email Updates

More Automation!

This week we rolled out daily email updates. Yes, finally. It was a little trickier than we expected, but they’re there now. What does that mean to you? We’re glad you asked. You won’t need to log in to the Velvet Elves (VE) website unless you have something you need to complete, and we’ll tell More Automation!

Simplified File Processing

Simple is the name of the game. No more bloated, complicated systems for you to try to navigate. Velvet Elves simple one-click-to-anywhere design makes it easy to get started and easy to move your transaction along. You keep selling, leave the file-pushing to your “Elf”. We’re not going to lie, we feel like most systems Simplified File Processing

Why Velvet Elves is WAY Cooler Than What You are Currently Using

In one word, AUTOMATION. We are taking file processing to the next level using technology. Once your file is uploaded into VE our “smart task list”™ generates a timeline specific task list to help you navigate each individual file. Yep, VE will email you daily when you need to do something, and leave you alone on the Why Velvet Elves is WAY Cooler Than What You are Currently Using